Max Jackson Kalvan - 2005 Archive

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December - Click here for Max's Amazing Bouncing Video!

December - Waiting for Santa to arrive at the Kalvan home.

Dec. 25 - Max with his new frog from Grandma Hazel. (Max is on the right)

Nov. 24 - Jeri and Max being thankful on Thanksgiving

Sep. 29 - Max surfs the internet. He is now 5 months old and almost 10 pounds.

September - When he's not playing online poker or studying physics, he likes to sit on the couch and watch Jerry Springer.

August - Allie amuses Max.

July 28 - Max is 3 months old and continues to be in good health. He now weighs a whopping 6 pounds.

Max tries to blend in.

How to tell if Max is hungry:

Max's first headshots

June 16: Max came home from the hospital today! He's 48 days old and weighs 4 pounds. He's now doing everything babies are supposed to do.
Big sister Ellen reads max a story.

June 8: Max is growing! He now weighs in at 1640 grams (about 3 pounds 10 oz.). He's getting ready to bust out of his isolette (the incubator thing he lives in) and graduate to an open crib. This past week Max started bottle and breastfeeding. Soon he won't need that feeding tube. As you can see from the pictures below, Max is breathing completely on his own - no breathing tube.

June 4 - Max takes a siesta. (hat decorated by Ellen)

May 29 - Max sleeps some more.

May 26 - Half awake here.

May 20 - Max wakes up for a family portrait

May 12 update: Max continues to do well. He is gaining weight and his vital signs continue to improve.

The Kalvan Twins

Sad News: On May 5, 2005, six days after she was born, Max's twin sister, Mallory's health took an unexpected turn for the worse and she passed away. We will always treasure the memories of her short life and hopes we had for her future. She will never be forgotten.

Mallory Memorial

Jack and Jeri announce
the birth of their son, Max Jackson Kalvan
and daughter, Mallory Zoey Kalvan
on April 29, 2005,
about 10 weeks ahead of schedule.

The Kalvan twins were due in early July 2005. However, on April 29, It became apparent that something was very wrong. Jeri unexpectedly had to be rushed to the hospital and an emergency c-section was performed.
All parties involved came through in relatively good shape.

Mallory - born at 8:54pm, 2 lbs.15 oz., 15 in.
Max - born at 8:55pm, 2 lbs.12 oz., 15 in.

Due to their premature births, the kids required constant monitoring, IV nourishment, and ventilators to help them with breathing.

Photos taken February 15, 2005 with 3-D ultrasound.
Ain't technology wonderful?

The first photos taken December 2, 2004
The kids were less than an inch long. Aren't they cute?

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