Max Kalvan Photos 2007-2008

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(pictures in reverse chronological order)

Oct. 2008 - Max's first portrait

[Sorry for the lack of 2008 photos. I get around to posting them soon.]

Oct. 2007 - Trick or Treat

Jul. 2007 - with Elephant (left) and Grandma Hazel (right)

Jul. 2007 - Practicing high wire walking

Jul. 2007 - Helping dad juggle

Jul. 2007 - Max with his dream car

Jun. 2007 - Look out! Max drives a tractor

May 2007 - Max with birthday train cake

Apr. 2007 - With Bob Yerkes

Apr. 2007 - Hunting for Easter Eggs

Feb. 2007 - Max continues to develop his personality and his vocabulary. His knows many words but his favorites to say are "Mommy" and "Car". He also communicates very well with sign language, requesting his favorite foods and identifying things he sees. His favorite toys are cars, which he carries almost everywhere.

Feb. 2007 - Max with bus

Feb. 2007 - Max (Photo by Thomas Rihs)

Feb. 2007 - future lawyer? (Photo by Thomas Rihs)

Jan. 2007 - getting a manicure (with car)

Jan. 2007 - new hairstyle #2 (with cars shirt)

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